best Homemade Apple Pie

Here are the ingredients for the apple pie dough:
-250g all purpose flour
-200g of butter, room temperature
-1 tablespoon of sugar
-1/2 teaspoon of salt
-10 tablespoon of ice water

-Step 1. Mix flour, salt and sugar together.
-Step 2. Gradually mix in butter and ice water and your dough should look like this when it is done.
-Step 3. Wrap dough and chill for at least one hour before using.

While waiting, get busy with the apples.

Here are the ingredients for apple pie filing:
-6 apples (most will recommend Granny Smith but I prefer China Fuji). Peeled, cored and sliced. Soak them in water and salt to avoid them turning brown while you get busy with the mixture below.
-80g of granulated sugar
-80g of brown sugar
-1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon
-1 tablespoon of vinegar
-2 tablespoon of flour.

-Step 4. Mix sugar, cinnamon, vinegar and flour together.

Step 5. Drain the apples dry as possible and mix well with the mixture from step 4. If one hour is up, remove the dough from fridge.

Apple pie dough cut into half

-Step 6. Cut them into equal half, and roll each into a ball. Return one part back to the fridge. Using a rolling pin, flatten one part of the dough. Do flour your working top and rolling pin while rolling.

Measure dough with pie pan

-Step 7. Ensure the diameter of the dough is at least 4cm bigger than your baking pie pan so that it will cover the walls.

Base dough ready in pie pan

-Step 8. Place dough by gently rolling it over the rolling pin and unroll over the pie pan. Trim off excess edges. Using a fork, gently poke holes on dough so that it lets steam out during baking.

-Step 9. Place all the apples in the baking pan.

-Step 10. Remove the other dough from fridge and flatten it to make a Lattice Top Pie by slicing the dough into about 2cm width strips.

-Step 11. Trim off excess dough from the side and brush egg wash (egg white and water) over it before baking. This will give it the shiny brown surface when it is down.

-Step 12. Place it in the middle tray. Bake apple pie in preheated oven at 22oC for 15minutes. Reduce heat to 175C and bake for another 40minutes. Lastly, serve that best homemade apple pie warm or chilled and Enjoy!

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