Rocky Road Popcorn


1/2 cup popcorn kernels
4-6 cups mini-marshmallows
(whole almonds optional)

Popcorn coating

16 oz melted white chocolate (or vanilla flavored Candyquick or bark)


11.5 oz bag melted semi-sweet or dark chocolate chips
3/4 cup melted white chocolate chips
11.5 oz bag melted milk chocolate chips


Air pop the popcorn kernels into an extra large bowl.
Remove any unpopped kernels. 
Add the mini-marshmallows (and almonds) to the popcorn.

Melt white chocolate (or Candyquick) and pour over popcorn and marshmallows. 
Stir until evenly coated.

Grease cookie sheet.
Spread popcorn over entire cookie sheet so that it is 1-3 inches high  (You can also place the popcorn in muffin tins). 
Cover and set in fridge until set or overnight.

Place chocolate chips in 3 separate bowls and melt (1-1/2 min. is all it not overcook).
Once they are not too hot, place each in a plastic bag and cut off the corner.
First drizzle the dark, then white and milk over the popcorn.

Refrigerate 1-2 hours more. Cut into squares and serve cold.

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