Easy Chicken And Rice Casserole


1 package boneless chicken (whatever you want will work I did breast)
1 cup of uncooked rice (I used plain white)
1 can of cream of chicken
1 can of cream of mushroom
1 can of cream of celery
1 can of milk (I used an empty soup can to pour milk in) 
Seasonings to cover top of chicken and rice. I used Parsley, garlic Salt, Season salt, dehydrated onions

Chicken and Rice How to Make:

-Preheat Oven to 325 degree’s.
-First off in a bowl you will want to combine the 3 soups, can of milk, and rice and mix well. Then pour into a 9×13 greased pan.
-Then take your chicken and lay over the top of the rice/soup mixture. I kind of sunk my chicken down just a bit into the mix, like pictured above.

Chicken and Rice casserole :

Then take one seasoning at a time and sprinkle over the top of the chicken and rice. It is okay to go a little crazy with it, really helps bring out the flavors. Now if there is a seasoning you love, use those, you don’t have to use the seasonings I said above!

Chicken and Rice: 

Put in preheated oven for an hour and a half. Make sure to check the chicken to ensure it is done, if need be cook a bit longer. Then take out of oven when done and serve! Very yummy, and nice and creamy!

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