BBQ Boneless Chicken "wings"

2 pounds of boneless chicken, cut into strips
2 cups of milk*
6 cups of flour
oil for frying
1 bottle bbq sauce
*I used 2 cups of milk as a substitute for eggs since I was out, it worked out fine, but you can use 2 eggs, a splash of milk, whisk and coat chicken

1)In Large bowl mix together flour and seasoning, in another bowl mix together mix or the egg mixture. coat chicken strips with mixture then flour.
2) In a large skillet, fill with oil, heat, when oil is fully heated place coated pieces in oil, fry until fully cooked
3)preheat oven at 300 degrees, place cooked strips in oven safe dish, cover with BBQ sauce, if desired brown up some onions and mix in the dish with chicken. Bake for 10-15 minutes!

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