Malai Boti Recipe

Malai Boti Recipe

1 kg chicken thigh fillets (cut each fillet into 4 – 5 pieces)
250 gms lite sour cream
1 ½ cup yogurt (sour, but not Greek)
Salt to taste
1 tbspn red chilli powder
1 tbspn crushed ginger
1 tbspn crushed garlic
½ tspn turmeric
2 tbspn Ayesha’s kitchen special garam masala
1 tspn chicken powder
1 tbspn meat tenderizer/ raw papaya paste
6 tbspns oil (olive oil)
Some charcoal for tempering

1. Cut thigh fillets into big 4 – 5 pieces.

2. apply some meat tenderizer on them and keep aside for 10 minutes.

3. Now add all the other ingredients except oil and charcoal.

4. Keep aside for 4 hours.

5. Heat oil in a pan (pan with lid) and add the marinated chicken in it. Cook covered on low heat for 30 minutes.

6. Then remove the lid and stir cook on high heat until the moisture is evaporated and oil comes to the surface. Remove from the heat.

7. Heat charcoal on naked flames. When it is hot place it on an onion peel or on a piece of aluminum foil and place it on the top of the cooked chicken.

8. Drizzle some oil over the coal and cover the pan with the lid.

9. After 15 minutes take out the coal and the paper. Dish out the chicken and serve hot with coriander chilli raita.

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