date cake

date cake


250 g Butter
180 g Brown Sugar
3 Eggs
250 g Plain flour
6 g Baking Powder
300 g Seedless Dates(chopped)
10 g Sodium Bicarbonate
150 ml Hot Water
2 tsp pink/white sugar powder(for dusting on top)

Oven Temperature: 180 degree Celsius
Baking Time: 50 Minutes.
Mould Size : 9"

Soak dates and Sodium Bicarbonate in Hot water for 5 hours.

Before Preparing the cake,Preheat the Oven and start your preparation.Add Butter and Brown sugar in mixing bowl and beat them well till light and fluffy.

Add eggs gradually and beat them,till light.

Add the Shifted Plain flour and mix well

And then add in dates mixture with the water and mix well.

Grease the tin and transfer the mixture into it.

Bake it for about 50 minutes at 180 degree Celsius.

Let it cool down completely.

Dust on top with Powdered sugar(i used pink sugar dusting powder).This is optional.

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